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Here is a list of fresh reground Old Stock crankshafts. If you can use any of these, please give me a call or email. I will sell most of these cranks for $20.00 each, some a little higher. I also have new old stock bearings for many of these cranks. Give me a call or email. Lets make a deal!

AMC/Jeep 2.46L (2.5L) casting# 3239611, Fits 1983-1986 only R-10/M-10

Chrysler 2.2L 1981-1985, casting# 5214738, 6 bolt flange R-10/M-10

Chrysler 2.2L 1985-1988, except Dakota, 8 bolt flange, casting# 5214990 R-10/M-10

Chrysler 2.5L 1989-1995, W/1.004" snout dia., casting# 4448486 R-20/M-10

 Chrysler 440 W/cast crank, 1974-1980, automatic only, casting# 4027175 R-10/M-10 (has 1 welded rod journal)

 Chrysler/Mitsubishi 2.6L 1979-1989 R-.50mm/M-.50mm

 Cadilac 4.5L 1988-1992, RWD, 3 bolt flange, casting# 1629091 R-.25mm/M-.25mm (has 1 welded rod journal)

Cadilac 4.5L 1988-1992, FWD, 6 bolt flange, casting# 1629091 R-.25mm/M-.25mm

GM 2.8L V-6 1987-1993, casting# 526 R-10/M-.50mm

GM 2.8L V-6 1987-1993, casting# 481 R-10/M-.25mm

GM 6.2L Diesel, 1982-1991, casting# 14024236, R-.25mm/M-.25mm

Pontiac 301 1977-1981, casting# 525887, R-10/M-10

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